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How to use CAZE with COM+ roles

In order to use a COM+ role for authorization checking with CAZE, you have to add a ComPlusRole instance to the authorization policy and make sure that you set the ComPlusRole.ComPlusRoleName property of the role to the name of the COM+ role as the following sample code illustrates:
[Visual Basic]
Imports LaMarvin.Constable
Imports LaMarvin.Constable.Model

Dim policy As New Policy

policy.Roles.Add(New ComPlusRole("Creator", "COM+ Creators"))
policy.Roles.Add(New ComPlusRole("Remover", "COM+ Removers"))

using LaMarvin.Constable;
using LaMarvin.Constable.Model;

AuthorizationPolicy policy = new AuthorizationPolicy();

policy.Roles.Add(new ComPlusRole("Creator", "COM+ Creators"));
policy.Roles.Add(new ComPlusRole("Remover", "COM+ Removers"));
Now membership to the Creator role will be resolved by COM+ as membership to the COM+ Creators role. Similarly, membership to the Remover role will be resolved by COM+ as membership to the COM+ Removers role.

See also the CAZE role resolution process for more information.

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