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Dynamic AutoComplete Tool Integration Features

Dynamic AutoComplete Tool exposes the FormManager extender component that provides autocompletion capabilities to the supported TextBox, ComboBox, TreeView, ListView and DataGrid controls (and their descendants).

Integrating the component with an application is done in three easy steps:
  1. Add the FormManager component to the Visual Studio .NET Toolbox. (This is done only once after the component has been installed.)
  2. Place the FormManager component onto a Form (or an UserControl).
  3. Optionally, customize the AutoComplete-related properties for individual controls.
Click here to see a live demonstration of the process.

The FormManager component is implemented as an extender provider in that it extends the set of properties exposed by the standard controls with the following AutoComplete-related properties:

Enabled Enables or disables autocompletion for the individual control.
Options Controls the autocompletion user interface; for example if auto-suggest or auto-append user interface modes should be used.
Namespace Specifies where the user-entered autocomplete strings should be stored. All controls with the same Namespace property value share the same set of autocomplete strings.
StringSource Specifies the source of strings to be used as entries for the autocompletion list for the control. Dynamic AutoComplete Tool supports the RegistryStringSource that automatically stores and retrieves user-entered strings in a control:

Sample RegistryStringSource usage

Other supported string sources include file system string source, user's history and MRU (Most Recently Used) files and URLs, or any other valid .NET data source, such as DataSet, DataTable, DataView or a custom IList/IListSource-compatible class.

These AutoComplete properties are edited as any other properties in the VS.NET Property Window. Dynamic AutoComplete Tool provides a designer and type editors for easy customization of the properties.

Click here to see how the AutoComplete properties are customized from within the Windows Form Designer.

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