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Dynamic AutoComplete Tool Runtime Operation

We've optimized the runtime performance of the Dynamic AutoComplete Tool in the following key areas:

Load time

The component's dynamic link libraries were rebased* in order to avoid relocation and fixups when loading. Because relocation is an expensive operation that significantly slows down application's startup time, this ensures faster startup time improving the perceived performance of your applications.

Memory consumption

The component leverages the autocomplete user interface functionality found in the system's shell32.dll library. If your application uses any of the common controls, it is highly likely that shell32.dll is already loaded by the application, so using the AutoComplete component adds very little runtime overhead.

Separate design-time support

The design-time functionality has been carefully separated and placed in its own assembly (LaMarvin.Windows.Forms.AutoComplete.Design.dll). The design-time assembly is needed only during development. It doesn't have to be redistributed with your applications as it is not needed at runtime, further reducing the overhead of using the Dynamic AutoComplete component.

*You might be surprised by the fact that many component vendors neglect rebasing their product's DLLs, slowing down application load time and increasing memory consumption. (For analyzing application's runtime behavior, we recommend the great Process Explorer tool from www.sysinternals.com.)

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