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Dynamic AutoComplete Tool Technical Specifications

Dynamic AutoComplete Tool has been built with Visual Studio .NET 2003 and it requires the .NET Framework version 1.1.

Operating System Requirements

Windows 98, Windows 98 2nd Edition, Windows Me, NT 4.0 SP 6.0a or later, Windows 2000, XP Home, XP Professional, Windows Server 2003.

On all these systems, Internet Explorer 5.01 or later and Windows Installer (MSI) 2.0 or later are also required.

Hardware Requirements

Pentium 90 MHz minimum. 96 MB RAM minimum. 3 MB hard disk space.


The installation routine copies the following files into the installation folder (typically <Program Files>\LaMarvin\AutoComplete):

  The component's main assembly.
  The component's interop assembly, which is referenced and used by the main assembly.
  Help file for the component.
  Visual Studio .NET IntelliSense support for the component.
  Dynamic AutoComplete Tool License Agreement.
  This folder contains help files for the component.
  This folder contains subfolders with sample applications in C# (CS) and Visual Basic .NET (VB).
  This folder contains the complete Visual Basic .NET source for the component (not available in the Evaluation Version). The IDL subfolder contains the Interface Definition Language source file used to generate the interop assembly.

Redistributable files

You'll need to redistribute the following files with your application:

  LaMarvin.Windows.Forms.AutoComplete.dll (the main assembly)

  LaMarvin.Windows.Forms.AutoComplete.Interop.dll (the interop assembly)

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