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Dynamic AutoComplete Tool Tutorials

These tutorials will illustrate how to:

  Enhance your application's user interface with autocompletion.

  Customize the AutoComplete feature to suit the needs of your application.

The tutorials use the Microsoft's sample TaskVision application, which demonstrates a full n-tier application for the management of personal and business related tasks.

The tutorials will show you how the autocomplete functionality was seamlessly integrated into the application and how it was easily customized by using the built-in designer, as well as the Dynamic AutoComplete Tool's programmatic interface.

After seeing how AutoComplete enhanced the user experience of the TaskVision application, you'll be able to decide on how and where AutoComplete might improve your application's usability.

Tutorial #1: Integrating the component. interactive demo
(152 KB)
self-running demo
(149 KB, 1.5 min)
Tutorial #2: Design-time customizations. interactive demo
(143 KB)
self-running demo
(135 KB, 3 min.)
Tutorial #3: Basic programmability. interactive demo
(123 KB)
self-running demo
(119 KB, 2 min.)

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