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Dynamic AutoComplete Tool End-user Experience

In order for autocompletion to really improve the usability of an application, it should be easy to use and unobtrusive. The de-facto standard autocomplete implementation (at least on the Windows platform) can be found in Internet Explorer and the Windows Shell.

Dynamic AutoComplete Tool provides exactly the same user experience as the built in Windows' autocompletion feature. It achieves this by leveraging the autocomplete user interface code in the shell32.dll library.

This not only gives users consistent experience across the system and your applications, but it also ensures that the component is small and efficient.

Data-entry forms, search boxes, logon screens, file/URL pickers... these are all examples of user interface elements that will benefit greatly from being AutoComplete-enabled.

Do you think users enjoy filling out data-entry forms?

Of course not! By putting the AutoComplete component onto a Form, all the TextBox and ComboBox controls already on the Form are automatically AutoComplete-enabled: they'll remember what your users typed in and they'll suggest entries appropriate in a given context. Automatically. Without writing a line of code!

With Dynamic AutoComplete Tool, you can increase usability of your applications almost instantly with virtually no development effort!

DACT used to enhance the user's search experience DACT used to enhance the user's data-entry experience

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