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What's New in Dynamic AutoComplete Tool Version 1.1

We're proud to announce the general availability of Dynamic AutoComplete Tool version 1.1. Read on about the exciting new features, or download the new version and try it out!

Here is a glimpse on some of the new features that are illustrated in the new sample solutions:

AutoComplete Data Binding Sample The AutoCompleteDataBinding sample illustrates the new data binding capabilities. It shows how to provide autocomplete lists based on an existing DataSet and how a DataGrid can be autocomplete-enabled.
' AutoComplete-enable the DataGrid columns and the TextBoxes. 
' The source of autocomplete strings will be the same Customers 
' table as used for binding.
Me.FormManager1.SetStringSource( _
  Me.CompanyNameColumn, Me.CustomersDataSet, "Customers.CompanyName")
Me.FormManager1.SetStringSource( _
  Me.txtCompanyName, Me.CustomersDataSet, "Customers.CompanyName")

Custom AutoComplete Sample The CustomAutoComplete sample shows autocompletion with the entries coming from an array of custom objects (the System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController objects).
// Get the list of services and set it as the ComboBox data source.
ServiceController[] Services = ServiceController.GetServices();
this.ServicesCombo.DataSource = Services;

// Set the autocomplete list of the ComboBox to the list of services.
  this.ServicesCombo, Services, "DisplayName");

Custom StringSource Sample The CustomStringSource sample illustrates how you can provide your own implementation of an autocomplete string source. The provided TextFileStringSource class implements the IStringSource interface using a text file to retrieve and store the autocomplete list.

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