Constable Authorization Engine 2.0 BETA


[This is preliminary documentation and subject to change.]

Action authorization rule

See authorization rule.

Action rule

See authorization rule.

Authorization check

The act of calling specific methods of the AuthorizationPolicy class to determine availability of Properties and Actions in the current authorization context.

Authorization context

The current values of the AuthorizationPolicy.CurrentPrincipal and AuthorizationPolicy.CurrentState properties, that determine the outcome of authorization checks. Also referred to as context.

Authorization policy

A set of roles, states, actions, properties and their associated action and property authorization rules contained within an instance of the AuthorizationPolicy class or stored within a XML file. The term is also used to name a specific AuthorizationPolicy class instance.

Authorization reference data

The set of roles, states, actions and properties. See also the authorization policy.

Authorization rule

An association of a protected object (an action or a property) with a given state, role and a set of association's boolean flags - IsVisible for both actions and properties, IsEnabled for properties and IsEnabled for actions. An authorization rule for actions is also called action authorization rule or simply an action rule. Similarly, an authorization rule for properties is also called property authorization rule or simply a property rule.

Property authorization rule

See authorization rule.

Property rule

See authorization rule.


See Role-based access control.

Reference data

See authorization reference data.

Role-based access control (RBAC)

An approach to controlling access to resources by grouping users and privileges into roles.