Constable Authorization Engine 2.0 BETA

LaMarvin.Constable.Design Namespace

[This is preliminary documentation and subject to change.]

Contains types comprising the Constable Authorization Engine Design Environment implementing types for designing, testing, storing and retrieving authorization policies and policy documents.

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
AuthorizationContextPropertyGridAdapter Provides a PropertyGrid-editable representation of the Constable Authorization Engine (CAZE) authorization context.
DesignHelper Provides commonly used services for the CAZE Design Environment.
PolicyDesignApplicationContext [TBD]
PolicyDesignContextControlAttribute [TBD]
SerializablePropertyAttribute Marks a property of a custom policy object type as available for serialization and deserialization to/from persistence medium.


Interface Description
IPolicyDesignContextControl Represents a contract for controls that the Policy Designer can show as a separate tab in the main window.
IPolicyDesignExtension [TBD]
IPolicyDesignHost [TBD]
IPolicyLoaderContext Represents contextual information for custom policy loaders that implement the IPolicyLoaderTypeResolver interface.
IPolicyLoaderTypeResolver Represents a contract for creating policy objects in the course of loading an authorization policy from a persitence medium
IPolicySimulationView [TBD]


Enumeration Description
PolicyDesignHostMenuItem [TBD]