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Privacy Statement

LaMarvin is committed to protecting the privacy of those who visit its Web site.

LaMarvin's Web site leaves no cookies, nor does it gather any personal information.

LaMarvin collects personal information (name, address, etc.) when products are ordered. This information is used only to process the order. This information is not sold or otherwise transferred to any person or organization.

LaMarvin occasionally notifies registered users about updates and upgrades of current products and of the availability of new products. LaMarvin honors all requests to be removed from the notification lists.

LaMarvin will not lend, sell or share acquired email addresses with any other company or individual.

LaMarvin products contain no advertising; they do not connect to the Internet without your knowledge; they do not send information about you to any person or organization.

LaMarvin is not responsible for the privacy policies of any Web sites that link to its Web site.

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