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The Constable Authorization Engine (CAZE) is a .NET Framework class library and design environment that allows you to design and implement even the most demanding authorization logic for your applications.

If you've ever developed any non-trivial business application, you already know that a significant part of the development effort might be devoted to implementation of complicated (and error-prone) authorization logic. Authorization decisions are often scattered throughout the application tiers and range from disabling menu commands and input fields on the user interface tier, to implementing complex business rules on the business tier.

By blending the core concepts of finite-state machines with the .NET's role-based authorization model, CAZE makes it easy to define, manage and use authorization policies for expressing even the most demanding business requirements.

CAZE has been designed for use in the business tier and it doesn't mandate any particular design or implementation approach. Its flexible architecture makes it ideal for integration into server-side business logic components and web services.

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