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Constable Authorization Engine Downloads

CAZE 2.0 'Designer' BETA (June 2006)
Download This is the latest 2.0 BETA release with the following main fixes and enhancements:
  • Setup: CAZE 2.0 can coexist with the CAZE 1.1 installation on the same machine without problems. More about CAZE 2.0 compatibility...
  • Core: Added support for SQL Server 2005 CLR integration (SQLCLR). The core CAZE assemblies can now be safely used from within SQLCLR stored procedures, functions, triggers etc. Please note that some CAZE features require the use of the UNSAFE SQLCLR option (for example policy persistence, principal manipulations, etc.). For more information please see the MSDN documentation.
  • Core: Fixed and enhanced documentation.
  • Designer: Added support for runtime customization of entries displayed in the InstanceView control by implementing the ICustomInstanceEntryDisplay interface.
  • Designer: Many smaller fixes and UI enhancements.
Important: Please uninstall any previous CAZE 2.0 BETA version before installing the CAZE 2.0 'Designer' BETA release.
CAZE 2.0 BETA (March 2006)
(Obsolete) CAZE 2.0 comes with bug fixes and enhancements to the core API, support for .NET Framework 1.1 and 2.0 and also with a rich, flexible and reusable policy design environment. Click here for more information.
CAZE 1.1 Provider for the Microsoft Enterprise Library (November 2005)
Download The CAZE 1.1 Authorization Provider for the Microsoft Enterprise Library (CAZE 1.1 Provider for short) is an authorization provider implementation based on the CAZE library version 1.1. The CAZE Provider 1.1 setup procedure integrates seamlessly with the Enterprise Library (June 2005 release), it comes with source code and is fully supported!

The CAZE 1.1 Provider works with the full and also with the free evaluation version of the CAZE 1.1 library.
CAZE 1.1 Evaluation version (February 2005)
Download After unpacking the cazev11e.zip file, run the setup.exe program or the caze11e.msi Windows Installer package.

Evaluation version limitations: Supports only authorization policies with up to four roles defined.

Note: The CAZE installation procedure integrates the CAZE help files with the Visual Studio .NET help collection and registers assemblies in the Global Assembly Cache, so you'll have to run the installation procedure with local Admin privileges.

Please note: Although not guaranteed, we'll do our best to answer any questions about the evaluation version. Please, check out our support page for details.

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