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Constable Authorization Engine Features

Using the CAZE library in your application brings you:

Improved security

CAZE leverages the .NET's role-based authorization model and employs a powerful authorization rule facility, making the application's authorization-related logic centralized, explicit and unambiguous. This improves your application's security, makes it easier to conduct security reviews and also harder to overlook authorization-related errors.

Reduced complexity

By employing table-driven, finite-state machine techniques, CAZE reduces code complexity, improves code readability and enables introduction of automated testing techniques.

CAZE allows you to define the application's authorization policies centrally at one place in the application code, or the policies can be stored in an external XML file or a database.

CAZE also provides serialization support that allows you to easily transfer the authorization policies between your application's tiers.

Graphical Policy Designer

The CAZE Policy Designer is a Windows Forms application (caze.exe) that allows you to design, test and manage authorization policy files in a rich, graphical environment. The Policy Designer leverages the CAZE Design Environment (LaMarvin.Constable.Design) that can easily be embedded and customized for use in your own applications.

Intuitive programming model

CAZE's programming interface, conformant with the .NET Framework design guidelines, allows you to integrate the library into your application quickly and easily.

Extensive documentation and samples

CAZE comes with documentation integrated with the Visual Studio .NET help system providing you with all the information you need to leverage the CAZE object model.

The provided Visual Basic and C# samples illustrate all important CAZE programming concepts and techniques.

Flexibility and extensibility

CAZE's extensible architecture allows you to use inheritance to customize almost all aspects of the core functionality.

CAZE's authorization checks don't depend on any particular authentication technology letting you employ any .NET-compatible authentication mechanism, such as Windows integrated, COM+, ASP.NET forms and custom authentication.

CAZE supports non-deterministic authorization policies allowing you to model even the most demanding, real-world business requirements.


CAZE is implemented in C# and it is a 100% managed library.

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