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Constable Authorization Engine Frequently Asked Questions

CAZE seems to be a new product; it is therefore immature and buggy...    [answer]

How CAZE deals with custom roles?    [answer]

Why IsActionExecutable keeps returning false, the GetExecutableActionRules keeps returning empty collection or the ExecuteAction method keeps throwing exceptions.    [answer]

My application has several types of objects, so how do I model that with CAZE?    [answer]

Is it possible to use the CAZE authorization policy with COM+ and COM+ roles?    [answer].

Is it possible to use CAZE with Windows integrated authentication?    [answer].

What is that 'non-deterministic authorization policy' thing?    [answer]

How can I embed a XML-based authorization policy as a resource in my assembly?    [answer]

How the CAZE policy resolves role membership?    [answer]

Why are you saying that CAZE is based on finite state machines?    [answer]

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