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Dynamic AutoComplete Tool Release History

1.1 General Release - (07/29/2004)

This release contains all the features of the BETA version ( plus the following fixes and enhancements:
FIX The Enabled extender property wasn't always honored causing the AutoComplete feature to work even if it has been disabled in the designer.
FIX TextBox control with the PasswordChar property set to a non-null character could be autocomplete-enabled, thus revealing passwords in the autocomplete drop-down lists.
FIX Autocompletion in the ListView and TreeView label editing text box didn't work with the built-in FileSystem, History and MRU string sources.
FIX When a TreeView/ListView label editing was active and the Form was closed, an unhandled System.ObjectDisposedException exception was thrown causing the application to terminate.
NEW Documentation for the component is context-sensitive and it is integrated with the Visual Studio .NET Help Collection, including Contents, Index, Search and Dynamic Help.
FIX When all the autocomplete options had been cleared in the drop-down Options extender property editor, an invalid initialization statement was generated into the InitializeComponent method.

1.1 Beta Release - (04/15/2004)

NEW Full support for WinForms data binding has been added. Any valid WinForms data source can be used for providing the autocomplete strings, such as DataSet (typed and untyped), DataTable, DataView, Array, ArrayList or custom collections. This makes the component ideal for enhancing database-oriented applications.
NEW Autocomplete support for DataGrid text columns.
NEW Autocomplete support for TreeView and ListView label editing.
NEW Full support for autocomplete customizations at runtime. It allows implementing many advanced features, for example language-dependent autocomplete for localized applications.
NEW The component has been rewritten and the designer has been placed into a separate assembly (LaMarvin.Windows.Forms.AutoComplete.Design.dll) further reducing the load time and memory footprint of the component.

1.0 Maintenance Release - (03/01/2004)

FIX The default Registry autocomplete string source sometimes didn't "remember" all the strings entered by the user in a particular control.
FIX Fixed an initialization dependency bug causing the autocomplete-related properties set within the designer to be incorrectly serialized into code under some circumstances.
FIX Password TextBoxes no longer autocomplete enabled, because the user entries are stored as plain text in the Registry.
NEW Improved design-time support by adding the Manage AutoComplete Strings dialog.
NEW Improved diagnostics through tracing support (new AutoComplete trace switch).
NEW Improved load time and reduced runtime memory footprint by rebasing the AutoComplete assemblies.
NEW The nag screen of the Evaluation Version is less aggressive than in previous versions (but it's still nagging ;-).

1.0 Maintenance Release - (02/05/2004)

NEW Improved installation routine.
FIX AutoComplete wasn't re-enabled after a control's handle has been recreated.

1.0 First General Release - (01/19/2004)

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