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Upgrading Dynamic AutoComplete Tool to Version 1.1

Before installing the new Dynamic AutoComplete Tool version 1.1 on your system, first you have to remove any older versions (including the 1.1 BETA version) that were installed before. Please use the Add or Remove Programs control panel applet to do so.

After you've removed the older DACT version from your system, you'll be able to install version 1.1 by extracting files from the dactv11.zip (or dactv11e.zip if you're using the evaluation version) file into a single directory and running the Setup.exe program.

After you install the new version 1.1, you can open your projects that are using any of the earlier versions and they should be automatically upgraded to the new version. This is because Dynamic AutoComplete Tool version 1.1 is fully backwards compatible with its previous versions.

Note: If Visual Studio .NET cannot copy the new 1.1 assemblies over the older versions located in your project's output directory, the automatic upgrade is not possible (for example, the DACT assembly files are marked read-only). In that case, we recommend closing the project in question without saving it, making sure the DACT assemblies in the output directory could be replaced (by clearing the read-only attribute, for example), and reopening the project again.

After a successful upgrade, the following assembly files should be located in your project's output directory:
Assembly Version Size
LaMarvin.Windows.Forms.AutoComplete.dll 69 632 B
LaMarvin.Windows.Forms.AutoComplete.Interop.dll 7 168 B

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